An Inspirational "Bridge Builder" . . .

Susan Larison Danz is a talented writer, inspirational speaker and innovative professional with over 25 years organizational leadership, software development, communications, event production, teaching and mentoring experience.

Susan Larison Danz

With an educational background intentionally integrating science and humanities, Susan has an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois (recognized as a leading university internationally in Computer Science) and a B.A. in Mathematics/Computer Science from the University of Colorado, including pioneering experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI), a topic which she now ethically & spiritually explores.

Through the enthusiastic expression of a wide range of talents, Susan has partnered with multiple leaders in creative, spiritual, educational, non-profit, volunteer and business settings.

Susan has assisted in publicity efforts for popular events, expos & speakers, including multiple New York Times bestselling authors. An intuitive writer and researcher, Susan has contributed to the story development and research for both book and film projects, as well as assisting with story treatments, tag lines and synopses.

Susan is the host of the The Frontier Beyond Fear live broadcast, currently in its 14th year, with over a quarter of a million listens worldwide on Blog Talk Radio and 500+ episodes on multiple syndication platforms. Her writing has been featured over the years in popular spiritual forums (and highlighted on the front page of the Oprah® web site in years past). Susan has spoken at several conferences and on multiple radio broadcasts & podcasts.

Susan has been researching visionary women in history for 15 years for her The Prophetess Legacy project and is an expert on mysteries and misconceptions regarding the legendary Mother Shipton ( Combining spirituality with logic, Susan's "beyond the box" research encompasses a diversity of expansive projects.

Susan Larison Danz projects

Susan is a Boettcher Foundation Scholar and Dean's Scholar. She was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. A lifelong writer, she was awarded Denver Public Schools Student Journalist of the Year as an Editor in Chief of her high school newspaper. She believes that such early creative & leadership experiences stay with students throughout their lives.

Susan worked for many years in the corporate world as a project lead, software engineer and ultimately in a high-level leadership position as corporate engineering communications manager for a worldwide company with 4000+ employees. She was also an early telecommuter in software engineering/project leadership, balancing work, volunteer & parenting responsibilities.

Susan was nominated for Sherwood, Oregon Citizen of the Year in 2016 and Volunteer of the Year in 2018 & 2014. She served as the President, Secretary, co-producer, publicist and main stage manager of the non-profit Sherwood Robin Hood Festival, co-creating a summer regional event attracting 20,000 people each year and supporting additional smaller events year-round. She also served as President of an elementary school Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) in the Midwest. She has extensive experience applying for and receiving large community grants and corporate sponsorships in the non-profit domain.

Communications Outreach

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"There are not enough words to describe the gratitude we all have for your years of selfless service. . . I acknowledge your leadership and dedication during all these years."

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"Working with Susan is a dream. She's intuitive, daring, innovative and supportive."

"I feel safe with this process, thanks to your care. . . You’re a Wonder Woman with these [technical] challenges."

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"Susan's generosity & enthusiasm to be unselfishly in service to Spirit has been an inspiration to me. Her professionalism & creative input has been vital to many of my projects."

"We want to thank you kindly for your diligence, your valuable time, your vision and your grace in organizing a wonderful sold out 2 day engagement."

"Susan's 'can do' attitude, her ability to effectively communicate technical and non-technical issues with all audiences, along with her creative abilities makes her one of the very best Software Engineers that I have had to pleasure to work with."

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