Susan Larison Danz ~ Writer, Researcher, Producer, Advisor, Advocate & Teacher

Dedicated to co-creating the dreams of paradigm shifters, Susan Larison Danz is an inspirational "bridge builder" and innovative professional with over 25 years of collaborative leadership, communications, production and mentoring experience. Currently working freelance worldwide for a focused group of professionals, Susan founded the Oregon based company Lighted Bridge Communications in January 2009, with nearly 10 years as the director and sole proprietor. She has held multiple non-profit and corporate leadership roles, including several years as President and Secretary of the non-profit Sherwood, Oregon Robin Hood Festival, producing an annual summer event bringing in 20,000 people per year. Susan's Blog Talk Radio program The Frontier Beyond Fear has been on the air for over 10 years, producing 400+ podcasts and reaching a worldwide audience.

Multnomah Falls Bridge by Susan Larison Danz

With degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and a diverse background balancing science and humanities, Susan's proven track record in non-profit, entrepreneurial, spiritual, educational, executive and corporate project settings generates the expertise and creative expansiveness clients trust to guide them to the next level.

  • Enthusiastic, expansive advocacy connecting authors, filmmakers, artists, musicians & speakers to events, venues, interviews and opportunities.
  • Creative content creation, editing and in-depth research for web sites, social media, press releases, articles, grant requests, advertising, videos, podcasts and publications of all kinds.
  • Masterful management of projects and events, with proven success producing events of all sizes, from intimate workshops to large community festivals.
  • Zoom event logistical facilitation, easing the burden on speakers, including managing breakout groups.
  • Success in applying for and attaining significant grants and sponsorships for non-profit organizations.
  • Experience providing expert editorial and creative input on film and television series content, story & character development, synopses, tag lines and story treatments, as well as advising on how to incorporate scientific and creative research into artistic vision and story.
  • Attentive goal identification and intuitive, adaptive guidance, opening up the highest levels of potential for individuals and organizations.