There are many ways to build a bridge...

Whether your intended audience is the neighborhood or the world, on the web or in person, the masterful guidance and intuitive innovation of Lighted Bridge will enhance and expand your presence and your voice.

  • Enthusiastic, expansive advocacy connecting authors, filmmakers, artists, musicians & speakers to events, venues, interviews and opportunities
  • Creative content creation, editing and in-depth research for web sites, social media, press releases, articles, grant requests, advertising, videos, podcasts and publications of all kinds
  • Masterful management of projects and events, with professional or volunteer experience facilitating events of all sizes, up to 20,000 attendees
  • Attentive goal identification and detailed, adaptive guidance, brilliantly opening up the highest levels of potential for individuals and organizations
  • Established in January 2009 with "boutique style" services intentionally customized for each client, Lighted Bridge is excited to be celebrating 7 years of dedicated service.

Contact Lighted Bridge to explore how we can co-create a bridge to your dreams!